Without imagination the fast changing landscapes of the modern world would quickly become a sight of endless tedium.

ASF's realisation of the need for enlightened landscape architecture allows us to work in conjunction with design professionals to create a physical world for our new lives.

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For an extra special impact, striking, bold and ultra modern, granite may be the ultimate material in 21st Century Street Design. Unparalleled visual effect combined with the practicality of solid granite makes this material an excellent choice for many site applications.

ASF has three distinct ranges of granite street furniture:
  • Cubist giving avant-garde appeal with imposing straight lines.
  • Modernist, which offers exciting forms and angles, using light and shade to maximum effect.
  • Organic, where curves and spheres take this imposing material to new levels allowing it to grace and enhance its environment.
All ASF granite ranges can be retro fitted with steel and stainless steel fixings to reinforce both their practicality and architectural appeal

ASF can also manufacture completely bespoke granite products, or alter products from existing ranges to meet the needs of the customer.

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